Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things got busy...

I've just done our local Christmas market.  Lots of fun, lots of birdie ornaments and LOTS of work.

I'm doing another market this Sunday, and trying to restock in a hurry!

Meanwhile, check out this lovely post by one of our local Horsham bloggers.   Let's go Moerkabout took some great photos at our market, and she's such a sweetie to mention me!

I have bad blogger's guilt for not posting for a month, making for the markets has consumed all my spare time.  And I've been to the city to move my daughter home from Uni for the summer holidays.  And the day job has been Hard Work and Long Hours lately.

Regular transmission will commence soon!


  1. Was great to finally meet you at the market Lisa, I love your goodies, a blog catch up sounds like a grand idea! All the best for Nati Market on Sunday - bet you are busy at the machine right now ;)

  2. Hi Lisa! We didn't get to meet at the market, but sounds like we will soon!! Your wares look beautiful, you're truly talented!
    Hope you went well at the markets and hope to catch up soon!