Monday, January 2, 2012

Blogger's BOM Catch Up

I made the first month's block in the Blogger's BOM four months ago, and then...well, then I fell behind.  Today I only had to work half a day, and the temperature was predicted to head up to about 42 degrees, so I was determined to use my afternoon off to stay inside under the air conditioning and make the next three blocks.  

Block Two - I really liked this block, I think it's my favorite so far.  

Block Three - I love that pink Nicey Jane print, I wish I'd bought it in all the colours it was made in.  A common lament in this house!

Block Four - a bit busy for my tastes but I think it will be OK once it is sewn up with all the other blocks.

All my blocks so far.  Now I am looking forward to the next block instead of feeling guilty!  

I'm a bit frustrated with my photographic skills, or lack of.  I can take a reasonable photo of a quilt or a larger item outside but my inside progress photos and photos of blocks etc. are really dreadful.  No amount of Picnik can really compensate for either my poor shots or the late night and artificial light I've taken these in.  I will have to do some research (good old google) and practice - same as most things I guess!


  1. I just caught up too, your blocks look great.

  2. Sorry cannot help with photography hints, I just point and shoot! I do like your blocks a nice combo of colour, yet again! Thanks for the link to pics of your market stall, I was wondering how it all went and it was great to see what it looked like. Hope you had a good festive season, we had a very very busy one and we were all tired when we finally got the heat...can you belive I brought a jumper while we were in Geelong! Not sure where you were Friday before NYE, but I was with DS1 who had head wound from bike fall (no trainer wheels or helmet...Dad now knows better) and I was bummed I didnt get to say Hi. Still I am sure that other doc visits will be necessary whilst on holidays at Grandmas! Lets just say thank heavens for super glue and Dr W...far quicker then A&E! Happy quilting, Sue.