Sunday, July 1, 2012

Favourite quilts revisited

Have you ever finished a quilt, loved it, and known in your own mind that you are not quite done with that pattern?

I've revisited a couple of my favourites lately and have a couple of pictures of them as they progress.

This is Kate Conklin's 'There's a Square in There', made with an off white linen/cotton blend as the background and some citron green, grey and red prints.  I've quilted it in a square meander design, and used wool batting so it has more loft than most of my quilts, which have cotton batting.  Once I've finished the hand sewing of the binding I'll get some photos of the whole quilt.

I've wanted to sew another wonky cross quilt for a long time.  I love this block!  This pile is orange, grey and green blocks.  You can see a couple of cross quilts here that I made a while ago - I'm still not sure that I won't make another in the future!  For this quilt, I've made 28 blocks and need 36 so not far to go.  It's fun to make something so simple and effective with a gorgeous stash of fabrics!  All the fabric for this came from my stash too so I'm thinking that gives me a good excuse to go shopping :)

In an effort to keep things real, yes, that is my ironing board complete with the huge hole in the cover.  I've actually bought a new one but every time I think I'll put it on the board I decide I'd rather sew.  I've started using PicMonkey for my photos as I used to use Picnik, which has closed.  I love the effects that they offer, this is 'urban' and has that Instagram look that seems to be everywhere at the moment.  Realy cool isn't it!


  1. Looking great Lisa, I tend to stick with what I know and dont venture too far into the unknowns of quilting. I have joined up with the Fat Quarter Shop 2012 Designer Mystery BOM. The first months parcel has just arrived, so I will be trying a few new block :)
    Havq a great week

  2. Usually I cannot stand making a second quilt from the same pattern, but I do have a hankering now to reproduce on favorite in a different color way. I like the wonky cross, we are going to have to try an organize a days sewing it to soon to plan for a session in January?