Monday, March 11, 2013


I had really hoped to share a couple of quilt tops this long weekend however it has been so hot here that I haven't been able to get any decent photos.  The sun is so bright that my photos look dreadful, and really no-one with any sense spends any time outside when it is this hot.  I realised I hadn't shared this cute chap I made before Christmas.

Making soft animals is such fun!  One of my favourite creators of all things cute and cuddly is Jodi Carlton of Ric Rac.  Baxter is a gorgeous hedgie who I have made before a couple of times (my daughter has a Baxter and his friend Lou).  I made this hedgie for a friend at work.

He looks so royal with his long spines.

I try to give all the animals I make a smile, it took me a couple of goes to get the stitching just right.

Baxter and patterns for more fantastic creations of Jodi's are available from Ballarat Patchwork.  On her website there is a lovely story simply called Baxter. I bought my long staple (hmm, wool has 'staple', not sure about fur fabric?) fur fabric and wool suiting from Spotlight to make him.


  1. Baxter has a bright and engaging face, he looks like a rock star!
    well done Lisa, a lovely finish for Baxter, I am sure your friend will love him.

  2. Love Jodies patterns and promised myself one this year. I am in love with the Kinder dolls and their collection of clothes....we will see how I go making dolls clothes, could be very tricky! Your Baxter is very very cute....dont let my brother see him, he will want to shear him!

  3. I can't get into making animals or dolls, get all enthused buy the patterns even cut out some bits but they hardly ever get to finished stage. Most of the ones in our house have been made by others that I have bought. Baxter is pretty cute.

  4. Oh he is great !!! i love that extra long fur, makes him look so sweet