Sunday, July 6, 2014

Finish Along Quarter 2

I put nine projects on my list for this quarter, which was pretty ambitious.  So how did I go?

Open Your Windows quilt - I didn't touch it.  I'm still looking for suitable backing for it, and to be honest it is so big it's going to be awkward to quilt.  I'm also not settled on a quilting pattern yet.  As I don't have any recipient in mind for it yet, it's gone to the bottom of the list.

Tribute Star - it is quilted but not bound, so not finished yet.  I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable binding, and only a couple of days ago found something that matches and compliments the quilt at Quilters Harvest in Warracknabeal.  It's cut up and ready to sew together and onto the quilt. 

Scrappy Tripalong Quilt - Finished!  So fabulously scrappy and gorgeous.  It's on my bed and as it's so big and has wool wadding it is lovely and warm.

Street Grids Quilt - Finished!  I really love this quilt.  Blogged here, with lots of photos. 

Triangular - Finished!  Gifted to my daughter's gorgeous friend Sophie.  Indy tells me Sophie is using it on her bed as she really feels the cold in Melbourne.  Blogged here.

Quilt of a Feather - Finished, and been to Melbourne to the Victorian Quilters Showcase.  I only blogged about it today, here.

Catvent quilt - not touched.  I've cut out about 8 cats but that's as far as it's got.  I'm thinking about making up fewer cat blocks than the original quilt, and laying it out differently, I need to get it completed.

Trail Markers Quilt - top is finished but not quilted yet.  I enjoyed making this quilt top so much, and am looking forward to finishing it.

Madeline - haven't touched this one, apart from making a backing for it.  It won't take long as it's only a small wallhanging but it didn't get even basted.

So only four out of nine completed.  I did get a few other things finished but unfortunately they weren't on the list at the start of the quarter.  I'm still pretty pleased though, finishing four quilts in three months is quite a good achievement really, although I would have liked to finish another couple of my projects.  Thanks again Katy for keeping us all focused and for the great tutorials.

Finish Along 2014

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  1. Love tribute stars think that is my 2nd favorite after the feathers. Very impressed you finished so many quilts in such a short time! Looking forward to seeing your Madeline wallhanging though, as I love mini's and red, what a great combo!