Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zig Zag and a new project!

Back at work this week and I'm feeling it!  I only had two weeks off but it was so relaxing I've been finding it hard to get back in the groove.  It was also a very productive break with one quilt finished, one quilt top ready to be quilted and two quilt tops just needing borders.  

Here's my finished zig zag quilt, which I love!

Over our gate, showing the two natural linen zig zags that I added to the design.  The other alternate zig zags are a white linen.

A close up of the quilting, which is a largish stipple.  The quilt top edges had stretched a bit so I needed something that would be quick and easy and would flatten out the edges a bit.  It worked really well.  The binding is a stripe from the range I used to make the quilt, Jane Dixon's Garden Party. The background fabric was a fortunate find on the bargain table at Spotlight, it is a great colour match and the leafy pattern went well with the rest of the fabrics. 

A pretty average photo but it gives you an idea of the whole quilt.  I think it's a pattern I'll make again, it's very effective and came together quickly.

I had to start one or two new things as well of course.  I joined the Made in Cherry quiltalong when it was first announced on Pins & Bobbins' blog.  I love quiltalongs!  I was seeing all the gorgeous quilts pop up on the flickr group and couldn't resist.  Made in Cherry is a lovely big star quilt design by Sarah Fielke, and is available free here.  Gotta love a free pattern!  I decided to try to use a layer cake to make my own Made in Cherry.  Oh the cutting!  And it turns out that I am a few squares short!  I'm lucky that this lovely fabric, Summer House is still available so I can grab a charm pack.  Saturday I was in the mood for some 'mindless piecing' so I made up the centre square, and I'm really happy with the vibrant colours.

They are my toes in the bottom corner, complete with new nail varnish (my daughter's of course!).  It was very windy when I was trying to take a photo.  The next photo was taken 30 seconds after the first.

I'm not in any hurry to finish this quilt although I will source that extra charm pack soon so that I know I've got it.  Watching what other people are making is all part of the fun of the quilt along, if you've never tried one you should think about it!


  1. Love the zig zag quilt, that is on the wish list! Just off to check out the link thanks, because a free pattern should never be over looked! DH sick and major It issues, but got a bit of stitching done, not as much as you though, glad you enjoyed you holidays. Happy quilting, Sue!

  2. I love the zig zag one too Lisa!! They seem to be everywhere at the moment, on all sorts of fabric designs too.