Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots of UFOs

I've been a bit unmotivated lately, and my lack of anything interesting to say here is proof.  My daughter has left after her holidays to go back to the city to university, and it's taking me a while to adjust.  I have been sewing, but I have to admit I've been going from project to project, doing a bit on lots of things and not completing very much!

I've joined the Granny Square fad and have been loving putting a few of these simple, sweet blocks together.  
Although I'd sworn off swaps for a while, I joined a small table runner swap and have posted off my wonky and scrappy log cabin table runner.  I have also been working on the quilt top made of half square triangles I blogged about here.  I finished it last week but unfortunately the borders are not sitting nicely enough so they will be unpicked and re-stitched.  The half square triangles have bias edges and I think this is the reason behind it.  

I don't have any photos of these projects because I can't find my camera cable!  I took the two photos that follow here with an old camera, the other camera needs to be charged.  It's so frustrating that the cables are different.  

I've also been working on my mother's quilt, Improv By The Sea.  

I'm liking it more and more, especially the larger blocks and areas of pattern.  To me it looks a bit like pixelated rock pools.    

I have a long weekend starting, so I hope to get a few things finished and find my camera cable!  Some fun fabric parcels have arrived too, and Spotlight has a new range of Denyse Schmidt fabrics which I've purchased a few pieces of, it is quite retro.  I'm also going to blogger's meet up tomorrow, that's why I thought I'd better blog something so that I don't get fired from the group!  It's a few local women who have blogs so it should be fun.  Some I don't know, and some I've been reading for a while.  It's always good to expand the blog list!  


  1. Gee! I love the modern look to your quilt, It really is a beautiful piece of work. I would like to try your style to, It's original and fresh and my teenage grand kids would appreciate it.
    I've made little orange and pink owl and kitty cat quilted cell phone covers for my girls and grand daughters and they loved them. I like wearing my Tracfone SVC cell phone, for seniors like me, around my neck in my owl pouch as this $15 phone has big keys and letters on the screen so I don't have to look for my reading glasses in order to make a call or to receive one.
    Next on my list to make are ipad and Nook quilt cases for my hubby, as the covers in the shops are way too expensive.

  2. Wow, how lovely, that is just looking fabulous. Your Mum will love tit. If she doesn't , you can just bring it staright over to my place, and it can live here, it's stunning.

  3. Hi Lisa I am so glad you put a follow button on your blog. You are so much easier for me to find now. I love the modern quilt. Nice to catch up with you at our little meet. I hope we can do it again. Deb