Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scrappy Sparks Quilt

I got the binding on this quilt only a little while ago after a few hours work on it today.  I'm down to the wire as I am entering it into Canoe Ridge Creations Festival of Half Square Triangles.

It's a quilt for my daughter, she chose the pattern and most of the colours.  I don't know what the name of it is, so I call it Scrappy Sparks Quilt.

The background is white rather than the usual off white I prefer.  The mixture of colours in the half square triangles really stand out next to it.  The border and binding are DS Fabrics.

I made the half square triangles using the method described here so I had lots of bias edges to try and keep from stretching.  It's quilted with swirly diagonal lines, I wanted to keep the quilting fairly simple and not overdo it so that it will be warm and snuggly for Indy.  I'll be handing it over to her later this week!  

I'm really excited to be linking up to Megan's party!


  1. It is great Lisa! I love anything scrappy. It is funny how I will want the entire line of a fabric but yet want it to be scrappy ;-)

  2. The colours are great Lisa and love the stripy binding! Great job getting it to stay flat with all those bias edges, another lovely finish, happy quilting, Sue.