Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun and a new skill

These two purses are just so cute!   I also made these while on sewing retreat.  The first one was a project that was brought along for all of us to make by Denise.  She even ordered the gorgeous purse frames (from Etsy) and gave us a choice of beautiful Echo designed by Lotta Jansdotter fabrics which she'd precut out for us.
I'd never used purse frames before but I am definitely ordering some!  It was so quick and the finished item looks so smart.

I have a stash of half yards of Echo, not the complete collection but quite a pile.  I haven't cut into it at all yet, still searching for the 'right' pattern.  It's such beautiful fabric.  Very different to most fabric I've seen (and let's face it, I spend alot of time researching!).

This little zip up bag has pleats along the front, it is from my new book 'Bags A Modern Collection' which I wrote about in my last blog.  I think my combination of fabrics doesn't show it off very nicely, I love both of them but they are too busy together here.  Also my zip ends are not crisp, you would think after all this time of using zips I would get it right but I still have zip issues from time to time!

A quick photo of a heat bag that I made my Dad.  I love making heat bags, but as we have a mouse problem here in town it is wise to use up all the wheat that you buy as soon as can rather than have it sitting around.  So I made this using some cheap drill, lining it with flannelette to help keep it warmer for longer.  I  had to make it it a bit cute so added a 'wise old owl', from an Alexander Henry print that has lots of these sweet guys to choose from.


  1. Love the cute purse with the gorgeous frame.--have long been an admirer of this design.
    What a productive sewing retreat.
    I may need to kidnap Denise for more teaching!

  2. Your purse frame bag is suuuper cute! I've just gotten into making heat bags, too; I love that you put that owl on your dad's one! :)

  3. These look great! I have always wanted to make a purse with one of those frames -- yours looks so sweet.

  4. The aqua purse is so gorgeous, just love it. I have a stash of wheat to make heat bags, now the weather has turned and I havent started...better get to it before the mice arrive! Or perhaps I just need a nice owl to scare the mice away, very cute!