Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Gift And A Few Films

Every year I take a few day's off work and travel to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF).  I see as many films as I can, usually 12 in a week.  I love movies and it is such a treat to see some international films that may never be shown on the big screen anywhere else in Australia, let alone our small country town.

I stay with a lovely friend and I like to try to take her a handmade gift.  Last year I gave her a quilt, which was also a thank you gift for helping me by looking after Indy during the floods.  I was pleased to discover that she still has it on her bed and loves using it.  This year I made her a zip pouch.

The fussy cut dog is the closest I could find to her own dog.  He is so sweet (I mean the real one, although this Heather Ross dog is cute too). 

I am loving text prints at the moment and fussy cut this little phrase.  I included a couple of coffee cups as she loves her coffee.  

The lining is a ticking that my sister found at Ballarat Patchwork.  It matches nearly everything.  I would love some more!

I had a great time, only walked out of one film and can recommend most of the others.  My favourites were The Sessions and Jayne Mansfield's Car, and both of these have Hollywood actors in them so they are fairly likely to be aired at more places.  I'm already looking forward to next year's Festival, for me it is so relaxing to disappear into a dark theatre and enjoy a good movie.


  1. Cute purse, how do you get the zip to sit so flat? I think I am going to do a course in purses, they run one here, as I always stuff up the zip. I love your fabric collection, I think the text prints are darling, can see why your hooked. Movies for a week sounds like a fab way to relax on holidays!

  2. I've popped over from Flick'r! I'd love to know which film you walked out of? I am your newest follower- us Victorians have to stick together!

  3. loving the fussy cut precision and the animals -- dog, bird and an echidna