Monday, September 10, 2012


I've been wanting to make a quilt using newsprint fabric for some time but hadn't been able to decide on a pattern.  Then I read on Bonnie K Hunter's blog about her leaders and enders challenge for this year.  Spool blocks!  I couldn't get my fabric out fast enough!  

Then I read that her blocks are only 3.5".  I want to make a reasonable sized quilt, and the thought of hundreds of tiny blocks made my head spin.  I decided to make my blocks 4.5".  I'll still need heaps of them but I think this is more realistic for me!

I bought the newsprint fabric from Spotlight.  It's adorable, and not too expensive.  I've already been back and grabbed some more!

The trick to making leaders and enders quilts is to be organised and have the pieces cut out well in advance, and keep them next to the machine ready to sew.  It takes me a long time to complete one, but it is very gratifying to watch them grow as you make other quilts.

I hope to use a heap of different scraps so that my quilt is very colourful, with the background giving it some calmness.  I am not a huge fan of 'scrap vomit' quilts, I find them too busy.  Some quilters are able to make beautiful scrap quilts, I am never confident with lots of colours and different fabrics.

Here are my first few blocks.  I love traditional blocks made with modern fabric.

My friend Sue is also sewing along, she is going to make the smaller size block.   We are going to keep each other on track.  We live a long way from each other and it is so nice to be sewing along together with this project.  Quilting friends are the best friends!


  1. Love, love, love the newspaper print fabric! Yikes I have sucessfully managed to stay out of Spotlight for months, at least 12, but looks like I might be paying them a visit! Hmmmm I agree, going to try and keep all my fabrics the same tone, already got one bright that is sticking out too much as the others are a country murky mix. I struggle with the real concept of "Scrap bag", I have to co-ordinate a little! The benefit of this challenge (thank you) is that it has prompted me to get started on a new pieced project, so I can get the spool blocks rolling...ironic!

  2. making good progress already Lisa, looking vibrant. I love the echidnas walking through one spool as well
    can't wait to see more blocks -- will be interesting reading - whilst snuggled under this quilt!