Monday, October 1, 2012

Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

I have been known to sign up to too many swaps and bees, and stressing myself out with deadlines and worrying about what to make for partners.  I swore off swaps for a while, but was pleased to sign up to the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap a few weeks ago over on Flickr.  It was a simple swap, we made our partners a zipper pouch or pincushion and added scraps from our own stash.

This is the pouch I made my partner.  She asked for a pouch that she could store her paper piecing in.  I loved making this fussy cut panel, and then used linen for the background.

I love this measuring tape trim on the reverse.

The pouch all ready to post, filled with some of my scraps.

The scraps I sent - I have to admit it didn't make any dent in my scrap basket!

Here is a link to a pic of the adorable pouch I received from Lee, she called it 'Thar She Blows'.  If you click over to the photo you will see why - it is so lovely and I feel so lucky!  I thought I'd taken a photo myself but I haven't - I will rectify this next time the weather is good for taking photos.  I enjoyed this swap so much, and now I've signed up for another one - Mouthy Stitches 2.  We are all making the same basic reversible tote for our partners, however one side of the tote must be pieced keeping in mind our partner's mosaic and what information we can discover about our partner by stalking them on Flickr.  I can't show you my partner's mosaic as it is a secret swap but you can click the link to see my mosaic, I can't load the photo onto my blog tonight for some reason.  I am so enjoying this simple swap, working out what design to sew for my partner.  I have a few ideas and I'll be doing some sewing soon.


  1. Love the pouch you made for your partner! I have never used linen, but that picture makes me want some....hmmm just whittled the stash down lately, maybe I can justify it! I can hares breath from buying two books on the internet....there is a strong possibility I am going to take the plunge this week!
    PS you call that scrap...I call it booty! Yummy and big pieces, you are very generous!

  2. Your pouch is great! I love to fussy cut little squares like that too! I am also in MS2! Look forward to seeing your tote!

  3. Wow,, love the attention to detail. The recipient will be very pleased with her gift.

  4. They are both really cute and I like how you have both used measuring tape. Like minds.

  5. Love the pouch and all those lovely scraps lucky partner

  6. Your recipient must have been very happy with her parcel, it's beautiful Lisa