Friday, October 5, 2012

Tonight's sewing

I finished quilting my orange, lime and grey crosses quilt tonight.  Feeling very content I popped the quilt on the couch ready to sit down with a drink and take all the pins out of the edge, and sew in the thread ends.  When I returned from getting a drink, look what I found.

Wombat is my lovely rescue cat.  He turned up at a friend's house as a tiny kitten, too young to be away from his mother really.  When my daughter saw him she simply wouldn't put him down, so he came to live with us. He had lots of health problems as a kitten, and still has regular trips to the vet.  He is such a character and has eased some of the upheaval of Indy leaving home and me living on my own.  I love that he follows me around and is always investigating anything new that he finds, including newly made quilts!  Now of course I can't move him as he looks so cosy and adorable.

I guess I'll have to find another project to work on tonight.