Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fabric Fusion Quilt

My friend Kaye made this gorgeous FunQuilts pattern.  She used the leaders and enders method and heaps of lovely colourful scraps.  

We took some photos in her pergola on a very sunny day, so the colours here are a bit bright.  This picture shows the a little of the lovely quilting done by another friend, Vicki Jenkin.  Vicki has a long arm business and does a wonderful job.  This pattern was a simple curved zigzag.

Here's Kaye with her quilt!  She used a solid grey for the sashing and a fun stripe for the binding.  The pattern is free and called Fabric Fusion.

Kaye's other great love in life (aside from her three boys and husband!) is Ruby, her pup.  Ruby had just been to the clipper in this pic so looks shorn but she is a real sweetie.  That face is adorable!


  1. lovely vibrant quilt, great mix of fabrics in this quilt
    Ruby seems intrigued by the photography and fun!

  2. I love that quilt Kaye has made!
    Colours are fantastic, very clever Kaye.
    And I do believe I have met Ruby, I think she is a half sister to our beloved Max!

  3. Hello Kaye, long time no see! Glad you got some female company in the house at long last! Lisa I think you have found our "next" leaders and enders project!!! Hmmm then again I might need to steal someone elses scrap bag to find some brights!