Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tripping Along

I've joined in the Scrappy Trip Along that is sweeping quilting blogs, Instagram and Flickr.  I decided to make a dent in my DS for Spotlight fabrics, and I'm so pleased with my blocks so far.

I've found somewhere new to take photos!  These blocks are on Indy's draughting desk, a sloped wooden desk in our back room where we get plenty of light.  In the afternoon it isn't in direct sunlight so it is a great spot for photography.

I've tried to keep a darker colour running across the centre of my blocks.  I am so happy with them.

I've made 13 blocks.  I think I'll make my quilt 6 x 6, so I'm a third of the way.

Not sure about the layout.  I love the barn raising look, especially when the design is off centre, but I'm not sure I've got enough contrast in my fabrics to make it very successful.

The Scrappy Trip Around The World pattern is so clever, and is very quick to put together.  Follow this link to see how it is made.

So it looks like I've added another project to my WIP list!  I've finished my Swedish Stepping Stones quilt, it's just been washed and is drying ready for some photos.  I've also quilted and machine sewn the binding onto my Schnibbles Spools, I need to hand sew the other side of the binding down.  I think it's time to add another list to my sidebar - Finished Projects!


  1. Its on my to do list which is pretty long, but I have heap of 2 1/2" strips since cleaning out the sewing room and making Soul Searching so it is a definite possibility to be started soon.

  2. Hey love your lists! Hope it makes you feel better to have two things ticked in the DONE box? Love your scrappy trips blocks. I promised myself that I would make some more this weekend, but hasnt happened yet...been hand piecing!! You got alot of blocks made in the much stash did you bust? if your only 1/3 way through required number of blocks there is going to be a big dent...perhaps we need an award for stash busting! Love your colours, looking forward to seeing them in person in May!

  3. Obviously I am NOT a quilter so cannot fathom at all how that can be quick to put together!!! Looks like about 6 solid weeks work to me ;-)
    Go you!!