Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Long, Long List and a Finish!

All my WIPs are now listed on my sidebar.  I don't know why I named my blog LisaJan Loves to Quilt when it seems LisaJan just loves to piece!  I can't believe how many quilts I have made all (or almost all) of the blocks for that I haven't sewn together into a top, and also all those quilt tops waiting to be finished!  It's true that sashing is my least favorite part of making a quilt, and the actual quilting does take me a while to do, although I enjoy it once I start.  I really want to get some of these WIPs off that list though so I must channel my inner quilter!  

I do have a finish to share though.  This quilt is called 'Step by Step' and was a pattern in Homespun magazine which I wrote about here.  It's a great pattern and I love this quilt.

I quilted it using a repeating flower design and I can say that I have never had to sew in so many threads, it was a design with lots of stops and starts.  I would have to work out a better way of linking the flowers more before I tried this one again, it really tested my patience!  My niece Evie took these photos on our holiday to Port MacDonnell and she did a beautiful job.  She has a talent for taking photos.  It seemed appropriate that the fabrics are 'Salty Aire' and the quilt was finished and photographed while we were there.

I've been sorting my scraps into colours and sizes so I can cut out some more spool blocks to have ready for in between chain piecing.  Not sure what I will work on next, but with my list made at least I can keep an eye on what needs to be done!  Looks like I'll be quilting for a while at least!


  1. Have a self threading needle by the machine when you are quilting if you need to break the thread and do them as you quilt and before you start on the next motive, you probably won't do them all but it cuts down the number that you have to do at the end.

  2. Yeah for you, great to get a finish in for January and that long list will start to be replaced by a DONE list!

  3. Pretty! Did you quilt that on your sewing machine??