Friday, January 25, 2013

Slow Spoolin'

I'm back from a few days holiday by the beach!  It was lovely to rest and recharge and I feel ready to tackle my monster list of WIPS.

One project that I am happy to go slowly on is my leaders and enders challenge.  I only work on these blocks when I am chain piecing other fabric.  It's starting to grow but I've worked out that I'll need about 300 of these 4 1/2" finished blocks to make a quilt for my couch. 

Here's my little pile of blocks.  I love the newspaper print backgrounds.  I've decided to use the same background print on all my blocks so I've been to Spotlight and bought a couple of metres of it.  I'm using scraps for the spools, and I've decided to make only one or two of every different print.  I think that might give a hint at how huge my scrap basket is!

I love the scrappy look of these blocks.  I've got 32 blocks here so still heaps to make.

Check out Sue's blocks, she's done quite a few more than me but as hers are smaller than mine I will need less.  I need to cut out a few more sets ready to sew.  It's tricky trying to ensure I don't use the same fabric more than twice.  I've got a few that I need to unpick and re-sew too, my seam was not quite right and with blocks this small it's hard to fudge the seams.  They are easy to unpick though so it will be worth it!


  1. Ha, I have been speeding ahead, but still got miles to got! Ah the life of a quilter, there is always another project waiting in the wings! Did you catch any fish? Visit any patchwork shops? Still waiting to see your WIP list!!! ;)

  2. Opps ment to say that I love your fabrics!

  3. Wow, a fraction over 10% done, keep going on it. Will look wonderful, and be a memory quilt of all the pieces that have been used in other quilts.

  4. I love your blocks!! This is on my "to do list".