Thursday, January 10, 2013


A new year!  I love the idea of a fresh look at where I am and where I'm going, in life and with my patchwork.  I resolved last year to finish some of my wips and whilst there is still a very long list I did manage to finish quite a few.  I also wanted to take more (and better) photos of my sewing, and blog more regularly. I am happy that my photos are improving, and I blogged more regularly than the previous year (!) but I still would like to improve in that area!

I had a huge clean up in my sewing room, and made an exhaustive list of my wips.  Ouch.  I aim to make a list in my side bar to 'keep me honest'.  I am definitely the kind of sewist who likes to have lots on the go at once, but I need to be more mindful of projects I have started.  I don't have a need to finish everything I start, I look at some projects as 'skill builders', and with this in mind I did throw out a few old and stale wips.

Going through lots of older projects was fun though.  I rediscovered some gorgeous projects that I am keen to finish.  I even found two projects that I have finished all the blocks for but not put together!  I want to do a monthly list of what I hope to achieve this year, maybe this will help me to make a dent in the list.

For January, I've been working on Improv by the Sea, (which I am making for Mum) again, and I've got two  other tops pin basted and ready to quilt.  I've nearly run out of fabric to do much more with the Sea quilt and I need to visit a city quilting shop to match colours up so I hope to get started on quilting the other two quilts soon, and get them bound.  I also need to re-arrange the furniture in my sewing room to make it work better.  I have started and finished another quilt already this year, which I will blog about soon.  I also want to make some key fobs which I've bought the hardware for.  I had better add to this list that I need to type the list of wips for my blog too!

So that's my January plan!


  1. I love a good clean up in the sewing room, makes you feel re-energised and ready to tackle those UFO's! DH painted the windows in my sewing room this week, so now have no excuse to not finish organising my space. Just keep getting distracted by my latest sewing project! Looking forward to seeing the quilt you have started AND finished!!

  2. I'm seriously thinking of doing a clean out though I have said that before. I have a week off in Feb I thing it might be then or never. Need to get rid of some stuff too.