Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Birthday Cake for Hedgies!

I've been sewing away since I last blogged, meaning I've got quite a bit of fodder for the blog.  I think the hardest thing about blogging is to start the habit again after a period of not blogging, so I'm just going to jump in again.  I do love having this record to look back on, and of course the interaction with other bloggers is so much fun.

I finished binding this lovely little version of Elizabeth Hartmann's Birthday Cake just this week.  I've had the blocks finished for ages and I'm very pleased with the finished quilt.  It's a bit small, but I ran out of fabric so is just going to be a lap quilt for my daughter's share house.

I was particularly happy with the double loop stipple that I quilted onto it.  Quick, easy and looks effective, all boxes ticked!

This quilt was always going to be for Indy as she loves hedgehogs so much!  As a child when we lived in England we even had a couple in the backyard at different times and she's always adored them.  I call this quilt 'Birthday Cake for Hedgies'.  The fabrics I used were mostly Lizzy House's Outfoxed range. 

The backing is this adorable Prints Charming for Spotlight poplin. Just the right shade of orange.  You know I can never have too much orange for my stash!

Indy is going to the UK for her summer holidays, she will be staying with her lovely boyfriend Nick and they are intending on doing some traveling to Europe.  She'll also visit her English relatives (her father's family).  She'll be celebrating Christmas with Nick's family.  I wanted to thank his mother for being so thoughtful and caring towards her, and what better way than a quilt.

I've worked on this Tribute Star quilt this weekend.  I love this pattern, it's available free on Denyse Schmidt's website and I'd encourage you to follow the link to read the story behind it.  Such sweet inspiration!  The only information Nick gave me about his mother's taste is that 'her favorite colour is lime green'.  Not much to go on!  I wasn't sure about using a real lime green as I thought it might be a bit too strong and not match their home.  So I used this apple/asparagus green, which I'm really happy with.  There is also some lime in the prints making up the star.  It's just a lap quilt size so it won't take up too much room in her bag. 

Indy leaves in less than four weeks so I have to get quilting.  I'll miss her so much, the idea of waking up on Christmas morning on my own is pretty ordinary but I'm so proud of her working hard at her uni studies, and her job to save the money for her trip.  I couldn't be happier for her.

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  1. Yum, orange, purple and green, ticking all the boxes here too! Great work, glad your back blogging!