Friday, January 3, 2014


I've been busy at the sewing machine and need to take some photos to share.  It's that time of year when I like to reflect over achievements and take stock of the WIP pile.  This past year I managed to finish quite a few quilt tops and I am becoming more confident with quilting, although I still have quite a pile of tops to quilt!

Rather than do a wrap up post for 2013, I'm going to update the lists in my side bar.  After I've picked myself up off the floor from the shock of just how many WIPs I no doubt still have to finish, I am going to also make a list of projects I hope to achieve this year.  I'm very excited about starting a couple of quilts that I have been thinking about.  One of them is this lovely 'Open Your Windows' by the clever Brigitte at Farbstoff.  I know I should be finishing a few things off but I just have that urge, you know, the start something new urge!

I've got a couple of tops pinned at the moment, one is this lovely Tribute Star.  The photo was taken inside and doesn't do the fabrics justice I'm afraid.  The background is a beautiful hankerchief linen in a soft neutral brown. 


This is the first Tribute Star that I've made, the second I blogged about here.  I'm so happy to report that my daughter's boyfriend's mother has received the other one, and likes it.  My daughter even told me she has it draped on their lounge.  It's always a relief to hear that a gifted quilt is being used.

I love this pattern so much, I don't think I've finished with it yet!

I've also been playing with these delicious blocks.  Called Chiral Music, the pattern is a free one designed by Cindy at Live a Colorful Life (I always have to go back and take the 'u' out of the word 'color' when quoting Americans!).  It is part of an online quilting bee, but I just really liked this block.  It's so different to most of what is popular at the moment, and I've found it a great block to practice using a good quarter inch seam and matching my points.


The very last block has the centre section reversed.  I'm still thinking about whether I'll unpick and change it or leave it as an 'on purpose' mistake!  I've cut out quite a few more blocks which I'm slowly working through.  I'm using all DS for Spotlight/Joann's fabrics, and I'd like to sash it but I'm unsure what to use. 

A couple of the blocks in more detail.  It is a gorgeous and unusual block, I'm enjoying making them very much.

Of course it's always nice to get some help when taking photos.


  1. Why does your kittie look so innocent?! Surely he was helping?! I like the reversed block- it gives an added twist to the others! I am pleased to see you have found that wonderful "Open the Window" pattern!! It is at the top of my "to-do" list also! I have a layer cake just calling to be made into this pattern! The only thing stopping me is I need to purchase the background fabric. I look forward to seeing your version Lisa!

  2. Love the tribute star top (and the green version) and the way your eye is drawn around the different prints, rather then just focusing on the block as a whole. I think I need to take a class in good quarter inch seams before I attempt the other blocks, my blocks are always a tad too small, very frustrating!
    I keep the camera in my sewing room, so I can just take pictures as I go, it helps when I go to blog, the pictures prompt my memory!

  3. Love your tribute star. Have a good 2014, put your little mouse or or away today.