Monday, January 6, 2014

Sandi Frames

This quilt has been in the works for at least 2 years, I think maybe three!  I made most of the centre blocks at Sewjourn, a sewing retreat with quilty friends.  I think I may have had a bourbon or two before I sewed some of them up as a few are a bit wonky.  I used some of my carefully hoarded Sandi Henderson fabrics, with some shot cottons and a white background which I think I got at Spotlight.  I ran out of the lovely Farmer's Market Paisley print, needing only about a 10" square to finish the blocks. 

So the search began!  On and off I searched for that out of print fabric.  I had got to the stage where I thought I would just cut my losses, unpick and replace it with something else when someone in my facebook destash group noticed my year old 'searching for' post and contacted me.  She had 3 metres of it!  I really wanted to buy it all, but I settled for a half metre. 

I love this quilt top.  I wasn't sure about such a huge expanse of white but it really works well.  I adore the Sandi Henderson fabrics too.  They are mostly Meadowsweet I and a little Farmer's Market.

I may of course change my opinion when it comes time to quilt it!  Any ideas for a simple quilting pattern would be considered.  I think I'd like something loopy rather than straight lines, as some curves would compliment the trellis design.

It is such a windy day here I had to take the photos on my front verandah pretty quickly, so that it didn't blow away.  If I wait for good days to take photos I just won't blog much though!  I am trying to let go a bit so that I blog more.

I bought two of these lovely storage boxes from a clearing sale a few weeks ago.  Aren't they gorgeous? 

I have a confession though - this is the third quilt I've made using my Sandi Henderson stash and shot cottons!  I've also just realised that I've never blogged the other two - admittedly one is only a quilt top.  I will work on changing that very soon.

The pattern for this quilt is 'Frame Up' by Jessica Levitt in her book 'Modern Mix'.  It's a gorgeous book of quilts, pillows and other items.  I love Stash books, they make building a library of quilting titles reasonably inexpensive.  Spotlight have starting selling a few too, so they are easily available.  I've got quite a few now and love flicking through them.  Im sure if I spent some of my browsing time quilting I'd have a few more finished quilts.


  1. The wind and the gloomy day don't help with outdoor photos, do they? The storage boxes are great. I look forward to seeing what your final quilting design is!

  2. I fancy feathers in the white background...only joking! The top looks good, now nice to finally get the last bit of fabric you needed after waiting a year! The boxes are cool, I love clearing sales, will be haunting them when I move to the country!