Thursday, October 6, 2011

Linen & repros in there...and a cat as well

I had an idea. I wanted to pair some reproduction fabrics, which I have a small collection of, with some modern fabrics, which I have a...err...larger collection of.
I chose some purple, cream and dark grey repros, and paired them with some modern fabrics including some Sew Chick by Benartex and Momo. I love purple but I think quilts made with lots of purples often turn out a bit 'novelty' for my taste.

During my photo session, Wombat decided he would like to investigate. This wicker chair belonged to my great-grandmother and is over 100 years old, I'm so lucky to own it.

I used Kate Conklin's 'There's a Square in There' pattern. The background and sashing is a cream linen/cotton blend. It was quite slippy to use, but worth it I think! I also pieced some random strips of the fabrics used in the blocks into the sashing to add some interest.

This picture of the quilt before I quilted it shows all the blocks. The background isn't as dark as this.
I stippled it in a large meandering pattern. I find it hard to keep a large meander really even across the whole quilt so this was quite a challenge!

I was taking pictures in another part of the garden and turned around to find Wombat on my chair. He must think that I've left it there just for him to sit on, he looks so content.

There's more photos of this quilt on flickr.


  1. Lovely quilt and Wombat is gorgeous.

  2. Combo looks great...particulary on the chair...I have to start using white, you have convinced me! Happy quilting Sue.