Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonky Crosses

I love the modern wonky cross block.  It's such a fun block, quick to make and very versatile.  There are lots of instructions for making this block on the interwebs, I used a tutorial from Carla's (Lollyquiltz) beautiful blog.  To me there seems to be less waste with this pattern - important when you are using up scraps.

My first wonky cross quilt is this green one.  I won a stack of fat quarters in country style plaids from Homespun magazine about eight years ago, and used up some of them in this quilt, along with some cream homespun and some scraps of Valorie Wells 'Sole'.

I made the crosses all different sizes, but kept them straight (well fairly straight!).  I used a wool wadding, which gave the quilt a reasonably high loft.  It also made it a really snuggly warm quilt.

This close up shows the quilting, a 'scribble' design.  Not perfect, but good practice!  This quilt used up the last of my 'Sole' fabric, I'm glad to have used it but would love some more!  Isn't that always the way with favourite fabrics?

Probably my favourite colour combination (if that's possible!) is red and pink.  I had a pile of scraps from other quilts in these colours, so I revisited the wonky cross block and made up lots of red, pink and white blocks.  Although I loved the simplicity of this colour scheme, I thought it needed a little bit of zing, so I added a handful of blocks with aqua  in them.  

This time I also made the crosses at wonky angles.  Not too much, just a slight wonk.  Sometimes 'less is more'.  This time I used my old favourite wadding, 100% cotton 'Warm and Natural'.  I quilted it with wonky lines running the length of the quilt.  

I hadn't realised before I blogged these two quilts that the first is warm colours and the second is cool.  The red and pink quilt is over the back of my couch at the moment.  The green quilt is dragged onto my bed on cold nights.  I haven't finished with this block yet.  It's a great scrap buster, and I've got a pile of yellow, light blue and cream scraps in the sewing room, left overs from other quilts.  Time to get my wonk on!


  1. Ohh, I like it! I am so ready for something a bit different, so I am off to check out the link on "how to", thanks Sue!

  2. These are great Lisa! I like your blog too!! I haven't really tried this pattern so I should now.

  3. Cool quilting on your wonky crosses, they look really contemporary, I like them!