Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sometimes I buy fabric with no plan

That title should really read 'Often I buy fabric with no plan'! I just loved Lizzy House's 'Castle Peeps' fabric when it first came out and ordered some half yard lengths. When they arrived, I realised that (again) I had not thought out how this fabric would fit into my stash, and how I was going to use the fantastic novelty type prints. The little castles and people needed to be used in largish pieces so that they could be really enjoyed - they are so sweet.

I was browsing the interwebs one day and saw Kate Conklin's 'Sea Views' pattern. Straight away I thought of my lovely peeps fabrics, bought Kate's pattern online. I added a couple of other prints and some solids to my peeps fabric and started piecing as soon as the pattern arrived in my inbox. It's one of the fastest quilt tops I've ever made.

Aren't pdf patterns that can be emailed to you one of the best ideas ever?
I had the top finished and ready to be quilted for a very long time. I just couldn't decide on how I wanted to quilt it. Eventually I decided to meander some wavy shapes across it.

I think I should have put more quilting into it, but as it is quilted so lightly it is a very soft quilt.

Kate's patterns are so easy to follow and this pattern suited the gorgeous quirky peeps fabric really well. I used a solid block in the bottom section of the quilt to show off a row of castles, which was simple but very effective. I have to admit this is one of my favourite quilts.


  1. This quilt is gorgeous, I really like the wavy line quilting, was it easy to do?

  2. I love the soft waves, makes it look very tactile and the colour combo is gorgous, wish I was that brave with colour! Happy quilting Sue.
    PS it was great to catch up on the weekend, thanks so much. Hope your week is fun and you have a great night out with TWO friends!