Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Swapper!

How happy was I to receive my Mouthy Stitches 2 tote!  It is so me, my partner did a wonderful job!

I was able to get outside and take some photos this morning.  You can't really tell from the photos (I'm afraid it was a very bright day so photos are a bit ordinary) but the pink background is actually a gorgeous upholstery weight fabric, it gives the bag fabulous texture.  The actual postage stamp patchwork is so cute, it includes a sweet Heather Ross mermaid and a green Kerchief girl (one of the colours I haven't got!).  

The lining is this adorable spotty fabric and my partner has even sewn in one of her own labels.  Ceri, or Mish Mash Mama put so much work into my tote, I am so happy with it and I've been using it already!

We also included a key fob, and have a look at this.  It's a little macaroon purse with a clip for keys!  It's too cute for me to attach to my keys, I'm sure I'd wreck it so I'm going to attach it to something else when I've stopped picking it up and admiring it every few hours!

Thanks so much Ceri!


  1. ohh nice pressies in your swap, particulary like the colours. Hope Mish Mash Mama listed the pattern for that key fob on her blog!

  2. Love the macaroon purse...bring it next weekend???